ProficCura 2D Sensoren – 2D Laser Sensoren für Profilmessungen

Die LIMAB ProfiCura 2D-Lasersensorfamilie umfasst unser Sortiment an „in line“ Laserprofilsensoren, die auch als Lichtschnittsensoren bezeichnet werden. Sie wurden für Messanwendungen in rauen Industrieumgebungen entwickelt. Der ProfiCura erfasst das Profil des gemessenen Materials auch bei hohe Transportgeschwindigkeiten. Je nach Version, können sowohl heiße als auch kalte Materialien gemessen werden.

Alle ProfiCura 2D-Sensoren verwenden das Prinzip der optischen 2D-Lasertriangulation.

Vollständige Profilmessungen verschiedener Objekte wie:

  • Profilmessungen von Stabstahl, Rohre und Stahlprofile
  • Waldkanten- und Profilmessungen in Sägewerken
  • Kantenprofile bei Stahlbrammen und Grobblech
  • Profile aus extrudiertem Materialien
ProfiCura 2D
ProfiCura 2D

Basic Specification

ModelField of view (FOV)Stand Off (SO)Measuring Range (MR)Measures to red hot material
ProfiCura 600600mm600mm200mmNo
ProfiCura 300H300mm900mm1000mmYes
ProfiCura 300300mm900mm1000mmNo
ProfiCura 180H180mm700mm1000mmYes
ProfiCura 180180mm700mm1000mmNo
ProfiCura 170H170mm350mm320mmYes
ProfiCura 170170mm350mm320mmNo
ProfiCura 85H85mm185mm200mmYes
ProfiCura 8585mm185mm200mmNo
ProfiCura 50H50mm170mm50mmYes
ProfiCura 5050mm170mm50mmNo

Operating Principle
All ProfiCura 2D sensors use the principle of optical 2D laser triangulation.

Complete profile measurements of different objects such as:

  • Profile measurements of steel bars and sections
  • Board profiles in saw mills
  • Slab edge profiles
  • Profiles of extruded material

Measuring Principle
The ProfiCura uses the principle of 2D laser based optical triangulation. A laser line is projected on to the surface of the material being measured. The laser line is diffusely reflected by the surface and this light is focused back on to a CMOS matrix by a high quality lens system. The processor of the sensor converts the pixel values to coordinates (x,y) using a unique calibration look up table stored within the sensor.

Automatic exposure control
The ProfiCura adapts the exposure time automatically to optimize the measuring performance irrespective of the type of material that is being measured. This means that accurate and repeatable measurements are always possible even on surfaces that are of different colors or have large changes in reflectivity. There is also a possibility to manually configure the exposure time.

Simple integration
The ProfiCura is powered by a single 24VDC supply. Calibrated measurements are available straight from the sensor using the standard Ethernet interface provided.

Best-in-class technology
Internal microprocessor and high resolution CMOS matrix means accurate and reliable measurement on all types of surfaces.

Easy to configure
The ProfiCura is supplied with a simple Windows software to configure the sensor.

LIMAB provides a large range of accessories such as cooling boxes, brackets, cables and stands.

Proven design
LIMAB has been developing laser sensors for more than 30 years. This experience has been brought into the ProfiCura sensor family. Today the ProfiCura is a robust, rugged and versatile laser triangulation sensor for dimensional measurements.

Rugged construction
The design of the ProfiCura ensures the suitability for use in all types of tough industrial environments with years of trouble free operation.

Standard versions
The ProfiCura sensor family consists of several standard sensors with different configurations and the possibility to measure on red hot material.

Specification ProfiCura 50/85/170

ProfiCura 2D
SpecificationProfiCura 50 / 85ProfiCura 50H / 85HProfiCura 170Proficura 170H
Part No 96561 / 9651996559 and 96560 / 96509 and 955109652896513 and 96514
Laser colourRedBlueRedBlue
Maximum target temperature300°C1200°C300°C1200°C
Laser power (mW)<100<100<100<100
Laser class3B3B3B3B
Stand off (SO)170 / 185 mm170 / 185 mm350 mm350 mm
6.7 / 7.3"6.7 / 7.3"13.8"13.8"
Measuring range (MR)50 / 200 mm50 / 200 mm320 mm320 mm
2.0 / 7.9"2.0 / 7.9"12.6"12.6"
Field of view at SO50 / 85 mm50 / 85 mm170 mm170 mm
2.0 / 3,3"2.0 / 3.3"6.7"6.7"
Field of view at SO + MR60 / 175 mm60 / 175 mm325 mm325 mm
2.4 / 6.9"2.4 / 6.9"12.8"12.8"
Data points per profile480480640640
Output resolution 0,005 / 0,01 mm0,005 / 0,01 mm0,01 mm0,01 mm
Measuring speed (profiles per second)250-1.000250-1.000250-1.000250-1.000
Detector typeCMOS matrixCMOS matrixCMOS matrixCMOS matrix
Power supply (VDC)10-3610-3610-3610-36
Dimensions387 x 134 x 162 mm387 x 134 x 162 mm387 x 134 x 162 mm387 x 134 x 162 mm
Weight4,1 kg / 9.0 lbs4,1 kg / 9.0 lbs4,1 kg / 9.0 lbs4,1 kg / 9.0 lbs
Operating temperature0…+40°C0…+40°C0…+40°C0…+40°C
32 .. +104 °F32 .. +104 °F32 .. +104 °F32 .. +104 °F
Storage temperature-20…+70°C-20…+70°C-20…+70°C-20…+70°C
-4 .. +158 °F-4 .. +158 °F-4 .. +158 °F-4 .. +158 °F
Interfaces for measurement data outputEthernet and fieldbuses like ProfiBus DPV1 or Modbus-TCPEthernet and fieldbuses like ProfiBus DPV1 or Modbus-TCPEthernet and fieldbuses like ProfiBus DPV1 or Modbus-TCPEthernet and fieldbuses like ProfiBus DPV1 or Modbus-TCP

Specification ProfiCura 180/300/600

ProfiCura 2D
SpecificationProfiCura 180ProfiCura 180HProfiCura 300Proficura 300HProficura 600
Part No9650396502965019650196508
Laser colourRedBlueRedBlueRed
Maximum target temperature300°C1200°C300°C1200°C300°C
Laser power (mW)<150<150<150<150<150
Laser class3B3B3B3B3B
Stand off (SO)700 mm700 mm900 mm900 mm600 mm
Measuring range (MR)1000 mm1000 mm1000 mm1000 mm200 mm
Field of view at SO180 mm180 mm300 mm300 mm600 mm
Field of view at SO + MR440 mm440 mm630 mm630 mm600 mm
Data points per profile480480480480640
Output resolution (mm)0,1 mm0,1 mm0,1 mm0,1 mm0,1 mm
Measuring speed (profiles per second)250-1.000250-1.000250-1.000250-1.000250-1.000
Detector typeCMOS matrixCMOS matrixCMOS matrixCMOS matrixCMOS matrix
Power supply (VDC)10-3610-3610-3610-3610-36
Dimensions515 x 162 x 134 mm515 x 162 x 134 mm515 x 162 x 134 mm515 x 162 x 134 mm515 x 162 x 134 mm
Weight5,5 kg5,5 kg5,5 kg5,5 kg5,5 kg
12.2 lbs12.2 lbs12.2 lbs12.2 lbs12.2 lbs
Operating temperature0…+40°C0…+40°C0…+40°C0…+40°C0…+40°C
32 .. +104 °F32 .. +104 °F32 .. +104 °F32 .. +104 °F32 .. +104 °F
Storage temperature-20…+70°C-20…+70°C-20…+70°C-20…+70°C-20…+70°C
-4 .. +158 °F-4 .. +158 °F-4 .. +158 °F-4 .. +158 °F-4 .. +158 °F
Interfaces for measurement data outputEthernet and fieldbuses like ProfiBus DPV1 or Modbus-TCPEthernet and fieldbuses like ProfiBus DPV1 or Modbus-TCPEthernet and fieldbuses like ProfiBus DPV1 or Modbus-TCPEthernet output for Service, Configuration, DataEthernet and fieldbuses like ProfiBus DPV1 or Modbus-TCP