PreciLogger – Dicken und Breitenmessungen in fortlaufenden Prozessen

PreciLogger ist ein kontaktloses, Laserbasiertes System für die Dimensionsmessung verschiedener Produktionstypen. Der PreciLogger wurde speziell für die Dicken und Breitenmessung in fortlaufenden Prozessen wie beispielsweise bei der Schaumstoff und Gummiextrusion, Mineralwolle sowie für andere Isolierungsmaterialien entwickelt.

Die Vorteile des kontaktlosen Systems sind verminderte Wartungskosten sowie eine garantiert zuverlässige und hochpräzise Messung auch bei weicherem Material und bei hoher Produktionsgeschwindigkeit. Anders als bei veralteten Messsystemen mit mechanischen Kontaktrollen ermöglicht der PreciLogger eine Vermessung des Materials ohne Kompression, Verschmutzung oder Kratzspuren.


Basic Specification

Thickness range, standard0,1-500 mm (0.004-19.7”), depending on selected sensor
Width range10-5.000 (0.4-197”) mm, depending on selected sensor
Number of measuring tracks1-3, single or double sided
Resolution0,01mm (0.0004”) or 0,1mm (0.004”), depending on sensor and measurement range
Measuring rate2000Hz

Operating Principle
The thickness is measured by our PreciCura laser sensors, which use the principle of optical triangulation. The sensors are equipped with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for advanced signal processing. Almost any material and surface can be measured insensitive to color variations. Sensors can work single or connected together two by two in differential thickness mode, to ensure high measurement accuracy even with heavily bouncing panels. Multiple measurement tracks are used to measure at different locations across the width or height of the product. Depending on the application different sensors can be used, from PreciCura SR to PreciCura MR, with measuring range up to 2m.

System versatility
The PreciLogger can be seen as a type of building block system, where the number of measurement tracks, 1-3 tracks, is selected together with type of sensor, depending of product dimensions and application. If requested we can supply suitable measurement sensor frames including air cleaning, both for thickness and width measurements, or leave the sensors installation to the customer. If no additional communication options like I/O-cards are requested the supplied system software can readily be installed directly by the end-user, without need for a LIMAB system commissioning.

System options
– I/O-card for alarm outputs and length counter
– Length counter
– Thickness frames, for 1-3 measurement tracks
– Width measurement floor stands, one stand/sensor
– Air cleaning solutions

Thickness and witdh measurement on materials such as:

Plastic foam materials (XPS, EPS, PIR, PUR…)
Insulation materials like glass and stone wool
Composite materials
Wood panels
Structural Insulated panels, SIP’s
Laminated materials
And more………

Non-contact measurement
The laser measuring principle means that the product is measured without contact. There is no product compression, no scratches or dirt marks and no wear.

Temperature stabilized mounting frames
To ensure stable and accurate measurement in a factory environment that can vary in temperature LIMAB have developed unique temperature and mechanically stable mounting frames. This ensures long term stability and eliminates the need for frequent calibration.

Hostile environment protection
To enable reliable measurements in dusty and damp environments PreciLogger sensors can be equipped with forced air protection systems. High volume air provided by fan/filter unit supplied with the system means that maintenance is not frequently required.

The system provides simple to read real time thickness or width graphs, numerical values with warning and out-of-tolerance limits indicated so that the operators instantly can see where problems are developing. Trend information for each track is available. Easy to use recipe handling. All important data will be stored for post production analysis. Production statistics, including Capability indexes Cp and Cpk, are compiled and can be displayed or printed on request.

Calibration tools, including support software, can optionally be supplied.

In-line quality control
Continuous, consistent, monitoring of product thickness can reduce scrap and improve plant efficiency. There are no time delays as between manual inspections and a quick feedback at product changes. No out-of-tolerance products will be sent out to customers. Condition of production machinery like extruders, press and forming plates, sanding belts and saws are kept under control. Production can be monitored from many different places in the factory. Production reports and statistics are generated.

Non-contact measurement
The laser based measurement offers many advantages in comparison with mechanical measurement systems:
-Soft materials, like insulation and other low density materials, can readily be measured
-Temperature stable measurement frames, optional, eliminates the need for constant recalibrations, which makes the PreciLogger excellent in continuous flow lines, like foam extrusion lines.
-No compression, polishing or scratch marks on the product, especially important for final products.
-Lower maintenance costs – no mechanical wear.

Well proven design
LIMAB has been producing laser sensors for more than 30 years and we offer a 3 year warranty on all sensors. We also have in-house design and production of all the other system parts such as mechanical frames and system software.

Complete package or parts supply
With the complete system assembled at LIMAB we provide a complete turn-key solution, where we as the only contractor take full responsibility. The PreciLogger can include all the hardware and software needed for any factory installation, but we can also supply a “budget” equipment with sensors and system software only and the customer uses his own PC and self-designed sensors mounting frame. LIMAB can provide commissioning, training and on-going product support if requested with our worldwide service organisation.

Compatibility and maintenance
We offer upgrades of installed systems, typically a new software of the latest version with new functionality and operative system. We also offer additional measurement tracks, 3tracks maximum in the system, to running systems if tighter measurements positions are requested. We keep sensors, both new and sensors for loan during repairs, in stock for mimimizing the problems at services. Training sessions for plant personnel can be performed.

Measuring rangePreciCura SR: 0-200 mm (0-7.9”)
PreciCura MR: 0-200 mm (0-7.9”)
Stand offPreciCura SR: 0-100 mm (0-3.9”)
PreciCura MR: 0-300 mm (0-11.8”)
Typical accuracy thickness*±0,05 mm (±0.002”)
Typical accuracy width*±0,2 mm (±0.008”)
*Depending on mechanical sensor mounting and measurement range
Sampling rate2000 Hz
Laser power1 mW
Operating temperature0-40ºC (32-104ºF)
Protection class IP 65, NEMA 4
PC operating systemWindows 7
Outputs, optional with I/O-module 6 relay outputs alarms and system ok
Data storage file format Data csv, summary txt